4-wire RTD input, 12-Channel Paperless recorder


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Can anybody tell me few best quality models of 12 or 16 channel paperless recorders capable of receiving 4-wire PT100 RTD inputs directly.


Eurotherm make 5100V Chessell graphic recorders with 1/4 VGA TFT color display, touch screen interface, 12 inputs, 125 ms scaaning rate, data logging upto 1GB in harddisc will suit your requirement for connecting 12 or 16 channel 4-wire PT100 RTD inputs directly. These recorders also accept the signals from all types of Thermo coulpes, and signals of mV/mA type.
Honeywell 150 & 180 series
ABB Automation 2000 series
and all leading manufacturers are vending same or better recorders.
Yokogawa DX range of recorders are excellent,
the DX 100P is available 2/4/6/12 channel.
The DX 200P is available 4/8/10/20/30 channel.

I consider YOKOGAWA to be the best recorders on the market, having installed and used most other makes.

Graham Cheale

The Honeywell Trendview series is the best on the market, not cheap but you pay for what you get. They offer easily the most comprehensive and flexible recording and display system with intuitive menu driven software.