40Khz Infrared Receivers

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Matthew Von-Maszewski

Trying to help a buddy. Would folks mind sending part numbers, recommendations, vendors, etc. for 40khz IR receivers that run at 3 volts.
Currently have found only one part from NJR Corporation.

Bonus karma: he really wants the "bulb" type packaging instead of rectangular. (NJR is rectangular)

Was manually trying to poll the wave through a SX28, but the receiving IR transistor had a 15us response time ... a 40Khz wave signal is
12.5us between transitions ... oops

Matthew Von-Maszewski

Ok, well I found two sensors ... one works great and the other is in the mail (therefore unknown).

Just thought I would share:

- New Japan Radio Co, Ltd (JRC): NJ71V380 works wonders. On a two AA battery supply, we were hitting 37 ft range. It might work further, but my basement is 37 feet wide. Using the matched IR emitter from American Bright was a big help too.

- Super Bright Industrial, Ltd: IRM-782V0 looks slightly inferior based solely on the spec sheet. Therefore I hope it costs less ... which
is important.

Generating the 38K wave directly out of the SX28 was interesting. Had to use an event model since the 4Mhz internal clock only gets 53
instructions between wave translations ... yeah, but anybody could do it with a 555 ...