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please tell me the website address to get introduction and details about the 42 V system in automobiles.

thank you.
The 42-Volt Challenge
By Austin Weber / Senior Editor, Assembly Magazine Read more online

In a popular song, folk singer Jimmy Buffet explains how "changes in latitude lead to changes in attitude." That may be true in the Caribbean paradise he often sings about, but it doesn’t apply to the U.S. auto industry.

Engineers in Detroit still sit at the same latitude and try to maintain a positive attitude in today’s cost-conscious environment. However, the traditional electrical system that powers vehicles is about to undergo a radical change.

Carmakers are starting to convert from 14-volt systems to a new 42-volt architecture. Ironically, Detroit is situated at latitude 42 degrees North.

The dramatic voltage increase is necessary to support power-hungry vehicles, improve overall fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. The transition to 42-volts will make it possible for engineers to eliminate nearly all of today’s inefficient mechanical and hydraulic systems. They will be replaced with new technology, such as integrated starter-generators, steer-by-wire systems, brake-by-wire systems, active suspension and electromagnetic engine valve systems.

"There are more revolutionary innovations waiting to debut on vehicles than any other time in our industry’s history, and 42-volt technology is the system that will help put many of these technologies on the road," claims Walter Fields, vice president of automotive engineering materials at DuPont Automotive (Troy, MI).