480V 3phase Footswitch


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Jacob Acne

I am looking to control some conveyor belts running at 480V. The way I was looking to implement was a foot pedal, although I am having trouble finding a foot pedal that is rated for 480V. Let me know if you have any thoughts or better ways to control the conveyor, keep in mind I am trying to keep it simple as it is only for an experiment. Thanks!

curt wuollet

A line cord and a contactor plus your footswitch should do fine. I would prefer not to be stomping on a 480V footswitch anyway. That's what control voltages are for.

Linemaster can offer you a switch to operate your 3 phase motor direct. The catalog number is 533-SWH and can be viewed on web site www.linemaster.com. The sanp switches used inside are rated for 480 volts but state guidelines for fire control require the product be marked 250 volts max.