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Bill Code

Does anyone on the list have any experience with a 4GL Reporting Software package?

In the past we had excellent results with a DOS-hosted product called "R&R Report Writer" (if my memory serves me well). We susequently moved to Win32 and now use Crystal Reports. I think the decision to use Crystal Reports was made simply on the fact it shipped with Microsoft VC++. We have subsequently purchased several complete Pro packages, but...

Crystal Reports has not been what we expected:
- It lacks printer independance.
- It blows up on large reports (suspect memory management issues).
- Features do not behave as advertised, some do not work at all.
- We find it more difficult to set up queries than with SQL.
- Support has not been as helpful as we would expect.

Has anyone used a Win32-hosted 4GL report generator they are happy with? Our core products are coded in C++, write data to the Jet Engine via DAO and load/execute the Crystal reports engine at end of shifts, etc. Getting the data into the database is working very well. Producing reports (which we thought would be the easy part) is a big problem.

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