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Alireza Fatehi

Hi list,
Suppose you are going to present a course titled "Industrial Automation" for 4th grade BSc or MSc students. In fact, it is me whom is going to! Which subjects do you recommend? If you also add address of some references (book, paper, catalogue, web page and ...) they are more
than appreciate.

Get in touch with Omega.
Their book of books has few but that few is good companion: Miller , Considine...
Expertune may help also.

Bruce Durdle

Industrial Automation can be interpreted in many different ways. However, whatever you do, remember that the first requirement for a good automation or control scheme is a thorough understanding if the processes or equipment being controlled. And the process control practitioner needs a different slant on things than the process designer - more emphaisis on unsteady conditions, for example.

For a good idea of possible curriculum topics, see the ISA website www.isa.org and look for their lists of training courses.

If this is for children I would recommend keeping it simple. I brought in my laptop computer and showed them robot simulations. They thought having a laptop computer was cool. I made a PowerPoint presentation with mostly pictures. I told them about things robot did or made that they used. I asked them what kind of things we we have now that our parents did not have when they were young. I brought in old give aways the teachers could hand out at the end of the day. Maybe if you want to show them how machines work together, have them stand in a circle and pass around a ball with their eyes closed and with their eyes opened. You could talk about communication with examples like that. I had a plastic model of a robot that they were able to move around. If you make it interactive, they will think you are the coolest person!