5 digits address using modbus driver in wizcon?


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I need to addrees 5 digits using Wizcon´s modicon modbus driver, but the program only lets me put 4 decimal digits. Can you help me?
Indeed Wizcon can handle only four tables and each table can has only 2048 variable therefore the fifth table ca not be adressed. The solution is to survive with the four table limit and you have to put them at the very beginning of the data base.

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If I remember correctly the 4xxxxx addressing has an implied 4 inserted into highest word position in the message going to the PLC. This accounts for 5 or 6 digit addressing that is used in various models. I don't remember addressing inputs or outputs directly so I can't comment there.

We eventually converted our application away from the Wizcon communication driver and went with an OPC based comms., thus my foggy memory about the addressing. We selected Matrikon OPC but many different suppliers can talk Modbus to Wizcon. That also more easily allows comms. to other brands on the same system, which is often required.

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You can use 5 digits with the wizcon modbus driver
2 solutions

1.put a BUS= line in the VPIMRnn.INT file with Y=L so you can use 5 decimal digit

2.put a BUS= line in the VPIMRnn.INT file with Y=H so you can use 4 hexadecimal digit and can adress up to FFFF word (9999 in decimal)

(see the Vpimr.hlp help file:
BUS=X,Y defines the Modbus/Jbus protocol and
Hexadecimal/Decimal base format.
X = M -> Modbus RTU protocol.
X = J -> J-Bus RTU protocol.

Y = D -> Decimal base format.
Y = H -> Hexadecimal base format.
Y = L -> Long decimal base format .