5 PWMs for DC motor control


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My motor control application requires 5 programable PWMs output from the PC to control 5 small motors. I would need an I/O board for PWM-PC interface.

1. Any particular board to recommend ?
2. National Instrument said, we can use Counter outputs on their board for PWM generation, but they are only 2 on my board. Do you think DO (we have a lot of DO) capable of doing this ? and what really the effect.
3. Without PWM, in some application we can use AO and amplifier instead. Do you think it would be ok ?


Patrick Allen

If this is for a "home" project, you might try looking into something a little less costly than an NI board. DATAQ (www.dataq.com) has some interesting solutions, and were at one time providing a free starter kit. Now they only want less than $20 for it.

Also, try a google search for TPIC2101 It's a TI DC brush motor controller IC that may work for you as well.

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