60Hz Motor with 50Hz Supply using a VFD

I have two Motors that are rated 220 VAC 60 Hz being used for a pumping application. Incoming power is single phase 220 VAC and VFD converts that to 3 phase 220VAC to power the motor. Each motor runs for 12 hours at 75% of max speed. Each motor is controlled by a dedicated VFD. That is one motor runs for 12 hours straight and then it is turned off after 2nd motor is started. This continues 24/7 while alternating each motor. Now I am tasked with making this work for a customer in India that has 230VAC at 50HZ single phase power coming in to the VFD. My question is can I still keep the same motor settings in the VFD set-up (220 VAC at 60Hz) to maintain the V/F ratio with 230/50Hz as the input to the VFD? Is the VFD capable of reducing the supply power from 230 to 220VAC?
It does not state that in the user manual or the tech spec for the VFD.

Input = 200 ~ 240VAC (-15% ~+10%) 50/60 Hz (Single Phase)

Output = 230VAC 3-Phase (I can set this to be 220VAC at 60Hz MAX). Any issues running with this setting?
Your VFD is creating a pulsed DC output that is effectively simulating an AC output voltage, it's not stepping it up or down from input to output.

If the VFD is rated to accept the input of 230V/50Hz (which it appears that it is according to your specs) it's going to convert it to a DC bus voltage anyway before creating the 3-phase pulsed output, same as it would with a 60 Hz input.

One difference, however, will be the current consumption from the input when using different supply voltages.

Same comment as above also, make sure line-side filters and reactors are designed for 50 Hz systems.