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Eng. Aladdin Eid

hi all
i am a communication and electronic engineer students in my 4th university year. i am working in a 8052 micro-processor based project. i would like anyone to tell me an idea or a problem he\she faced in real life that can be solved by the 8052 and i will be happy to help him\her i will make the whole project at no cost and will send u results.

thanks for ur time
well, many projectes you can make by 8052 cpu. I tell you some of them :
1- controling of temerature in a heater . use an a/d to read a temperature signal ( connected to heater )and then use an P , PI or PID routines to control the teperature of heater to fix its temerature in a constant band

2- use 8052 to control speed of a DC motor

3- use 8052 to find RPM of a rotating object by finding of its priod time and then calculating of its frequncy , RPM

with best regards . parvood