984 LL vs. Concept 2.5

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Raluca Constantinescu

I'm working for a consulting engineering company and one of our clients asked us to look into the
pros and cons of using 984 LL vs. Concept as a Modicon PLC programming tool. Their system uses
Momentum, Quantum and a few old 984 PLCs.

Any suggestions? Is anybody aware of a white paper on this subject?

Thank you,
Raluca C.
E & C Engineering
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Mike Martell

We recently upgraded our 984 series controllers to Quantum 534s controllers. Our system consists of a combination of 200 series and 800 series I/O drops running 984LL. We also upgraded from Modsoft to Concept 2.2 and Concept 2.5 software without experiencing any problems. The Concept software is much more user friendly.
Mike Martell
Phelps Dodge
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Well for the old 984, you have to program in 984 Ladder Logic. Personally, I prefer using Concept. Since you can implement all 5 IEC languages (and in the higher end Quantums with a good amount of memory you can use all 5 IEC languages AND 984LL), Concept makes programming so much easier. The ability to write different sections of your program in different languages allows you to customize you programming style to streamline a machine program. Granted it might mean more training for the support technicians, but in the end it makes the programmers life easier. Sequencing is easy with sequential function chart, math is easy with structured text, and of course boolean logic is easy with ladder. Add to this the ease of use of function block diagram, and the competitive conversion potential of statement list, and Concept is a powerful package.

Just a couple quick notes:

- Older 984's cannot be programmed in Concept. Neither can the Compact A120 series, the newer Compact PLC's can be done.

- Some Momentums can only be done in IEC or 984LL, depending on the installed exec.

Don Zunti
Delco Automation Canada

Robert Willis

The Concept Software program is a IEC61131-3 package that supports the following editors:

IEC -- Function Block Diagram -- FBD
IEC -- Structured Text -- ST
IEC -- Instruction List -- IL
IEC -- Sequential Fuction Chart -- SFC
IEC -- Ladder Logic -- LL

In addition to the IEC editors it also supports the 984LL Editor and the "C" Toolkit.

Concept only supports the TSX Momentum, Compact and Quantum Product Line. It will not program the earlier 984 controllers.

The current 984LL package that Schneider Electric has is ProWORX NxT and it supports the legacy hardware as well as the newer Momentum and Quantum controllers.

If you are intrested in taking a look at a deno copy of both of the packages (Concept and ProWORX NxT) they can be downloaded from "www.modicon.com":http://www.modicon.com

If you have any additional questions, please contact me at the E-Mail listed below:

Robert Willis
Square D Company
E-Mail: [email protected]