984 Modicon 685E will not run


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I'm looking for the fastest way to get the 685 running without I/O. Program is set up for 3 drops via S908 remote I/O processor, but I want to do some offline MMI program development with live addresses on 819 rack and 685E CPU. I plugged in a S908 remote I/O processor to see if that would help, but it didn't even light up. Any suggestions? If I clear traffic cop of I/O, does PLC run using addresses looking at those locations? Thanks in advance, JMCT
The common problem is the missing jumper for on AC power connector if you are using 120VAC! CPU will work in stop mode, but will not go to run. Also try to remove ALL modules from the traffic cop. If problem still exists - look at stop code analisys in help section to determine what is wrong. It may be bad processor - I am working with 685E since 1993 and we had some bad right from the box. Try to run processor on the table without I/O rack - this processor can do it - just plug power, no I/O rack. To check CPU, delete all programs and create simple default confuguration. Try to starts processor. BTW ProworxNxT is really buggy program, try to find older Proworx Plus - any version older than 1.10 - this may help you. The only problem Proworx Plus does not work on newest laptops! E-mail me if any questions. Ark [email protected]
> BTW ProworxNxT is really buggy program, try to find older Proworx Plus - any version older than 1.10 - this may help you. The only problem Proworx Plus does not work on newest laptops! < ProworxNxT itself is not that buggy, just alot of people aren't as familiar with it as they are with Proworx Plus. Also, as far as I have ever seen Proworx plus will work on any laptop, but will not run on a Windows NT system (I'm not sure about Windows 2000). Another problem running Proworx Plus on a newer laptop is if you happen to use the modem for connecting remotely, make absolutely sure you do not have a winmodem. Proworx Plus will NOT work with a winmodem and 99.9% of laptops are shipped with winmodems installed and a majority of them have nothing which identifies them as such. Chance Back
To Chance Back: ProworxNxT has few bugs confirmed by Schnieder people (read Taylor). Examples: proworx key emulation in On-line mode, slow communication rate, etc. Laptops: ProworxPlus DOES NOT work online on new Dell Laptops for example Inspiron 5000 and higher. No communication Online over serial port, only over MB+. This problem was traced to laptop memory configurations: newer laptops have no memory beetwen 640K and 1 MB, so emm386 can't load extended memory emulation both in plain DOS and Windows9x memory emulations, so no space to put EMM page frame! This extended memory is necessary to run ProworxPlus correctly. This is confirmed problem and it is listed on Dell's website also. Windows NT does not support ProworxPlus if you have software key because of direct disk access on autorization disk. The biggest issue of windows based programs is usage of the mouse: in industrial inviroment the best desk usually is a garbage can flipped upside down - "good surface" to roll mouse. Any way I still like ProworxPlus, but unfortunately the time is over - Windows killed it! Ark [email protected]
Stop code 4000 is a bad I/O map. It means you're configured for remote I/O drops but no head end controller exists. If you remove all of the modules from the traffic cop, any address you write in your code becomes an internal work bit. Your problem should go away if you remove the allocations in traffic cop. Clear the whole traffic cop, write your program, and then when you're done go allocate the cards and addresses according to what you used in your program.


Brian Kukulski

I am programming a 984-680. It won't work without being plugged into a rack and also needs the S908 in it to turn on. Without the rack and S908, the power like flashes once when I turn on the power then just stays off. I'm not sure if the 680 behaves like the 685E but the above has been my experience.

Rob Entzinger Schneider Automation

If you configure a RIO (S908) processor the PLC you need the S908 plugged in. Else it won't run. Rob E.