9FA GT Exhaust Thermocouple Heads Breaking


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GT Exhaust thermocouples (TTXD-01, TTXD-02 & TTXD-23) found thermocouples in head broken condition. This is repetitive problems were surfaced. Suspecting due to either leakage at connectors for thermocouples, else due to tension at connection by overhang cable.

Some precautions were taken but still problem is persisting.

Please help if anybody is facing similar problem.
"thermocouples in head broken condition"

Please explain:
1. Are the wires pulled free of the connection head terminals?

2. Did you check for sensor continuity?

3. by over hung cable, are you saying there is no physical support or conduit to protect the T/C wiring?
I don't understand what broke.

Is the thermocouple wire broken
- inside the head?
- at the terminal block connection?
- external to the thermocouple head?

Or is the thermocouple head itself broken somehow?
If so, broken off from its pipe threaded process mounting?
How is it broken?