A-B 1771-QB Modules


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After looking at the manual, they seem very odd and difficult to program. If anyone has used them or have any techniques for programming them easier, I'd sure like to know.

Larry Lawver

The manual covers the QB module from its fundamentals, and that is a daunting amount of material.

Maybe somebody somewhere has configured the QB directly, say on a PLC-2 or PLC-3, but if you are using a PLC-5, then you can take advantage of the configuration tools in the programming software. RSLogix5 presents it all to you in forms and tabbed dialogs.

Hope this helps!

Larry Lawver
Rexel / Central Florida

Peter Nachtwey

RMC100-m1-enet is much easier to program and much better dianostics but you need a Ethernet or serial port interface.