A-B 2760-RB location in chassis


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Pascal Poirier

Hi list,

In a publication about AdaptaScan (Communicating with a 2760-RB Module
over an RS-232 Link), A-B states: "Verify that the 2760-RB is in chassis 0, group 0, module 0". Although i can figure that there is a speed reason for this, i would like to have more info on this.

If only speed is concerned, there is no problems with my application (Only 1 TX-RX per min. on Port1 and around 12 per min. on Port 2). But if there is a chance to lose some data, it is another game...

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Pascal Poirier, E-I-T
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The notation on page 13-9 of the 2755-5.8 Adaptascan Application Guide only pertains to the example in the guide. It doesn't matter which slot your 2760-RB is in.

The most important part of Chapter 13 is page 13-7, "Using the 2760-RB Module, Revision H and above, with the New Generation PLC-5 Processor".
This explains the "BRR" bit which verifies completion of a serial read.

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Ken Roach
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