A/B Micro 1200 to WDPF QLC using Modbus ?


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I am trying to establish communicating with a Westinghouse WDPF QLC Group 1 card (RS232C), to a A/B (slave) Micrologic 1200 using Modbus RTU. Has anyone done this succesfully ?
This is very easy to do, basically all it involes is creating a translation file, WPC has manuals available for creating data links including AB DH+, modbus and many other flavors. I'd recommend getting the manual, althought the
process is easy, the format and configuration must be exactly correct. I just finished an Ovation to AB SLC500 link in less than an hour. WPC can also provide simulation software to test your link.
Thanks, One point I need clarification on is that the Micrologic 1200 PLC has a selection for Modbus RTU in its port configuration and
supports many modbus commands. I did not think I needed any translation, seeing it says it directly supports Modbus. I have had to use the
WPC translation file in other projects and believed I would not need it with this one. But the AB documentation is not clear on deliminating
the AB data file number in the modbus point group file. In the AB setup of the port you map modbus registers to AB data file numbers.

Thanks for help, It is very much appreciated.
Dave S.