A-B PCMK Cable pinout


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Rob Taylor

I have been shopping around for a PCM4/A cable (the AB PCMK series A cable for DH485), and haven't much luck yet (other than new, at $280 Ha!)

Yesterday a chap I was talking to believes that the PCM cable is just wire, i.e. no electronics in the "wedge". Ergo if someone knows the pinout of this, I would be keen to make my own, as I have a spare PCM5 cable I can bastardise for the connector; or if I'm *really* lucky, all the connections come out the DB9 on the PCM5 cable and I can just build a DB9 to RJ45 adapter (crossed fingers) Anyone know what pinout that cable has? Or, if someone has one for sale, please contact me <[email protected]>

Rob Taylor
[email protected]