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Ben Blackburn

I am working on resurrecting an old machine that has an A/B PLC (1772-LSP 2/05) which works as far as we know. The machine is being used slightly differently than the PLC was programed for, and so I need to modify the program. What do I need to interface it with a PC? Do I have to get the software and/or cable/board from A/B? Or is there a better (Read "cheaper") way?

Thank you for any help.
I have never had (gotten) to program (play with) an A/B PLC before, I always have just built mine from scratch...

Ben Blackburn
If you have a copy of the program I strongly recommend you upgrade the PLC-2 to a PCL-5. Your rack and IO can stay the same. AB offers a program translation service and upgrade path. Contact your AB rep for more info.


To the best of my knowledge, AB no longer supports the PLC 2 systems. You will have to find someone in the area that has the special cable, and the software. The other option would be to upgrade to a PLC 5 system. Depending on what backplane you have, this can get pretty spendy though....

--Joe Jansen

Mike Trombley

Allen Bradley gives credit when upgrading older PLCs so the expense is worth the investment. Only the proccesor and the rack will need to be
changed. If you look on there web site and go to product upgrades it lists all the componants you might have. I suggest getting with an
integrator or AB distributor in your area. They can help you get the program from the PLC2 and aid in figuring out what componants you need
to purchase in order to upgrade to a PLC5. An integrator can convert the program and debug the system for you. If your brave enough to do it
yourself the program can be converted two ways software or the ten finger route. Its not that bad to do.
Good luck.

Jeffrey Eggenberger

AB no longer supports the PLC 2. We still have a number of them. You can program them with a T3 terminal, or I also use my laptop, PLC2 6200
software, the right cable, and the pcmcia card. The T3 terminal might be the way for you to go. You should be able to find them surplus, we have rooms full of them from before upgrading many panels to the 5/40.

Jeffrey W. Eggenberger

Ben Blackburn

Well, I have been unable to find a T3 terminal, I got the software and smart cable from the Aussie company( "http://www.austglobal.com":http://www.austglobal.com ), but the software dosn't work with the 2/05 since it doesn't have a run/program switch, and upgrading is not an option.
So, would you be interested in clearing any of your storage space? :)
If I just had software that worked with the unit,it would take about 10 minutes to make the changes it needs. The aussie software let me download the old program, so I already have all the trouble-shooting done, and the changes designed,I just have to dump it back on the plc.
I am doing this as a favor for a friend, and as an opportunity to learn PLC's, and can't spend much money on it...

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Resurrecting an old machine that has an A/B PLC (1772-LSP 2/05). I need to modify the program. What do I need to interface it with a PC?