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I have been given the task of upgrading an old SLC150 to a ML1000, I have the PCIS, and the interface cable. I can get online with the unit, and pull the program out of it. I even have the info from the Rockwell site. What I don't understand is the command set, and I can't seem to find a comprehensive listing of what the SLC150's use for B,T,C, etc.
Look at the AB web site under product literature/programmable controllers/programmable logic controllers/legacy products. There is a user and self teach manual there.

Bill Schwarz

A-B publication number 1745-800 "User's Manual" for Bulletin 1745 SLC Programmable Controllers, has the information in it that you are looking for. Maybe you can find it on the A-B/Rockwell web site...
I hope you will help a dummy. When I retired, I was able to get an SLC-150, AB 1745-LP153, and now have it wired to act as a burglar alarm. I am testing my panel I built and cannot get the error "DC voltage" to go out.

The processor was originally used just a few weeks on a 24VDC power supply, but due to the outputs I want to use, I wanted to change it to 12VDC.
The manual says 10-30 VDC will work.

Can you please give me some clues on what to look for? I think I have the PS wired to the controller correctly since I have the old wiring diagram.
Can you help? I have all the manuals and hand held programmer.

Thanks in advance.

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Curt Wuollet

I would check the voltage at the terminals, it might not be high enough. Also, as these units age the caps dry out making them more sensitive to ripple and noise. So you may have an average voltage that is high enough, but the low point on the ripple waveform may drop below what the unit wants. Try putting a large  (>1000uF ) capacitor across the power supply and see if that helps.  In any case, for something like a burglar alarm where you want reliability, I'd try to stay out of the bottom of the range.