a copy of licence for RSLOGIC/ALLEN BRADLEY 5


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Since 1 year the ALSTOM company had finished 6 machines about renovation of control command.

To work with a portable - laptop- using RSLOGIC software , I must move a licence from floppy disk to hard disk a: c:

Now i have a problem , the licence was damaged and i can not use the soft RSLOGIC.

Can you help me how to find another licence and how to more copies.

I knew that one colleague so far from me has one licence

thank you very much for your help and excuse me for my english.

DAMENE Amar Maintenance engineer


Getting a replacement of the damaged license can be done at the Rockwell Software website, (http://support.rockwellautomation.com/) and get a 'reset code'. You may need to sign up for the MySupport thing, which I suspect is just a way to get your info to send you marketing crap.

As far as getting more copies, the only legal way of having more than one license is to buy another license. You cannot legally give a copy of your license to anyone else. If you need to use your one license on more than one machine, you can do that by moving the license to a seperate floppy. Then, modify rocksoft.ini in your windows directory to contain:


This will tell RSLogix to look to the floppy drive for the license. An added benefit of this is that if your floppy gets wrecked or whatever, you can use the Master Disk as a license, even if the activation has already been moved off of it. This will let you ride through the problem until you can get a reset code.

From the market-speak that comes up at the beginning of the install for RSLogix 500 v5.0, they are going to 'protect' us from the 'risk' of making copies of the license by forcing us to get a new master disk and license everytime the software revs. Yet another PITA for me to support with absolutely no returned value for me. I hope whoever buys Rockwell changes that policy.....

--Joe Jansen

James Bouchard

If you purchased a support agreement from Allen Bradley / Rockwell this situation is covered. They will replace the damaged key. If you did not purchase a support agreement call they anyway with the serial number etc and they should be able to do something but I do not know what they will charge you for this service. We have always worked with at support agreement for their software and have used it many times to replace copies that were corrupted when disc drives failed etc. See their web site for more details.

James Bouchard
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Joe Bouchard

We have had cases where the activation file was disturbed by a virus scanner. It doesn't sound like this is your problem, but it might be
worth a shot . . . Here is the DOS command I used to set the file to hidden, readonly, and system:

attrib +r +s +h C:\evrsi.sys

Good luck,
Joe Bouchard

Producing or making copies of Activation keys is Illegal and thus un-ethical both unfair for the customer and Rockwell Software, the only thing I could suggest is to refer you to Rockwell Tech Support or you could email me at;

[email protected]
In the manual, RS logix they specified that you should move your activation to the Floppy to Hard disk. Once the hard disk failure or unexpectedly the hard disk was formatted you will loose your activation. But you have purchased the software, which is you are having CD and Activation disk. You can contact their web , you will get reply immediatley. If not , you are in very hurry, can't but position, Install again RS logix, shut down and restart the machine. Put the activation disk in the Floppy drive and you can run and develop your programms. This procedure will not help duplicating or making illegal copies. This is for emergencies. Which was mentioned in the AB Rs logix manual.

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What I think is that Rockwell software should be free. Because anybody who will use it will program an Allen Bradley PLC only anyway .
Nothing else we can use it for .
Not like we can use it to program a Siemens and will profit siemens with it .So the more A-B we will program the more PLC we will buy so they get they money anyway .

Donald Pittendrigh \(home\)

Hi All
The questions are as always, who pays for the development of the programing package.

Who pays for the customer support you will demand when you can't get it to work because you were in too much of a hurry to read the book.

Why should the guy who buys a spare part and already has a program working on his plant, pay royalties again for software development if this is levied to the hardware sale.

Or perhaps you think the development of this type of software is quick, easy or perhaps done buy charity workers who just happen to be software engineers.

Check the archives, weve been down this road before.

Donald Pittendrigh

Maguire, Kevin

I agree with Mr. Pittendrigh...

Or, as some suggest, you can buy a standard PC and program your control system yourself using Linux.

That way, you won't have to pay anyone for the license since you developed it yourself...

This entire A&B software protection process is a crock.

Once the software is developed its done, there is no reason to create New versions unless you are trying to create another industry within itself.

If A&B stuck to hardware and allowed users to master the current software, all A&B would need is to update sofware patches as newer hardware required, no New and improved versions, no new packages and no more A&B training.

The constant upgrading and lack of support for their hardware beyond a 5 year window is making other manufactures look more atractive to validate processes.

And I will have no problem "sharing" any of my purchased software with anyone needing my support.