A/D card addresses (A2S CPU)


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Dear Sir/Madam,
I have recently purchased some software/hardware and would appreciate some help with certain issues. The equipment purchased is as follows:
15 A1SX80 16pt input cards
12 A1SY10EU 16pt output cards
3 A1S68AP 8 Channel A/D converters
1 A2USCPU - S60
This equipment is located within 4 x 8 slot racks in the following arrangement:
Rack 1
PSU, CPU, 8 x input cards
Rack 2
7 x input cards, 1 x spare slot
Rack 3
PSU, 3 x A/D cards, 5 x output cards
Rack 4
7 x output cards, 1 x spare slot
My initial problem is that of addressing. I currently (think) that I have X000-X0EF and Y150-Y20F, but I am unclear on the addressing of the A/D cards. The function of the A/D cards is to measure some power signals in order to determine whether it is possible to continue with a sequence. Although I can see that this can be achieved using a <, <= or >, >= statement, my problem is how to put the initial value into a register (e.g. D0) in order to carry out this comparison. I would very much appreciate any advice that you could give me on this issue.
1) I am using the GX Developer software package
2) The cards are in the order as shown above, e.g. The first A/D card is located rack 3, slot 0.

Patrick Borgman
Technical Director
ABP Electrical Services Ltd