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I have a remote one for all. can you tell me how to program it to work on a Zenith TV. No model no. available. Serial #: f91-64150f45 a service #: 65556G We are a group of Sr. Citizens in a low income neighborhood. the landlord provides a TV. in the recreation room. but we can't use the remote. it's a ONE FOR ALL. UNIVERSALL. ANY HELP WILL BE APPRECIATED THANK YOU FOR YOUR ANTICIPATED COOPERATION Janet Evans-Wimberly
A booklet came with your remote with a list of codes. Follow the instructions up to entering the code for your tv (usually a four digit number) there is usually a generic code (when you don't have the model or it is not listed) try this one first. If that does not work, try a few of the zenith codes listed (if any). Next try some of the Motorola or quasar codes as they were related at one time. Good luck!!