a mill SAG model

Good luck! A lot of time and money have been spent by some very smart people developing models of SAG mills, and the available models are still very limited... and definitely not free....
To make sure I am talking about the same thing as Turbina, I understand a SAG mill to be a Semi-AutoGenous mill, a type of ball mill used in crushing ore. An autogenous mill makes use only of the crushing effect of rocks falling upon other rocks in a rotating container; a SAG mill uses that effect and a number of large iron balls in the mill.

It all depends upon what you want to model about the mill. Do you want a curve representing the power consumption vs. mill loading, or is the model part of a larger model that has to keep track of the distribution of sizes of rocks going in and leaving the mill? The two would be quite different. The first would require a curve, perhaps from the mill supplier, of power vs. load data. The second would require you to keep track of the amount of material within a number of size categories. The distribution of sizes leaving the mill would be based on the distribution of sizes entering the mill and some details about the amount of crushing taking place.

The first type of model could probably be handled by Simulink easily if you can get the data. The second can be done with some computer programming, using an array that stores the weight of material in each size class. It is far more difficult.

Either way, a mill vendor may be able to provide you with the data that is necessary to build the model.

John Shaw
[email protected]
Semi-autogenous grinding mill- used in mineral extraction processes to grind ore to a fine consistency for further extraction processes.