A new way to connect to the FTM/TCEA cards on the MK V

I'm new to the MK V system. My control system of origin is the Wonderware HMI used on naval vessels, so my verbiage might be wrong. However, there's something I noticed very similar and frustrating about both systems. They have those small screw in wire holders on the FTM/"Din Rail" or TCEA Cards. I wanted to see if there was a fast connection cable that you could use to connect a simulator into the plug/wire holder without loosening the screw. Something that connects to the top of the tension screw. Is anyone aware of such a convenient device?

Before anybody says to just loosen it, the reason I am asking is because technicians I have seen are prone to stripping the screws on these boards.
I'm still completely baffled by small screws on the TCEA cards and what FTM stands for.

Or, the need to communicate directly with the TCEA at all.

A Blunderware HMI is not, technically, a control system per se. Yes, it has some capabilities (probably more than I know or care to know) but it doesn't seem to be a full-fledged control system capable of handling I/O without external methods (RTU or something similar). So, it's not really comparable to the Mark* turbine control system (and, technically, the GE Mark* V HMI is NOT the turbine control system; it's just one of a couple of methods which can be used to monitor turbine and auxiliary operation and send commands and receive alarms and events from, so one can successfully the GE Mark* V HMI isn't required to operate a turbine and auxiliaries, because there's always the <BOI>).

What is it that you're trying to accomplish?

Are you whinging about the high-density Phoenix terminal blocks on the terminal board below the TCEAs on the <P> core? Those terminal blocks are used on just about every I/O terminal board in the Mark* V. And, yes, they can be damaged by untrained personnel.

But I really don't understand the need or the terms. Can you help a guy out, please?