A poem about startup


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Jake Thompson

here I trying to get this system going
its 11 pm and it just started snowing
There is a short somewhere in this panel
Why do engineers like to wear flannel?

our electrician wired in some limit switches for a sum
and used all the same color wire and didn't lable none!
I think there is a bug in my PLC program
When I turn the panel on, everyone scram!

I turned the power on and motor started spining
I think with this problem I now am winning.
The power light came on and I jumped with joy
piece of cake, i'll get this thing going its just like a toy.

I opened the panel and looked inside
tripped on a pipe and then cried.
for you see I reached for the nearest thing
and grabbed the primary feed on the transformer, that'll make you sing

As my hand was shot away from the panel
I thought I might ruin my brand new flannel.
you would think after this I would go home
falling on the floor and hurting my butt bone.

For the program I have written still has a bug
Ahh screw it!
ill go home get drunk
and pass out on the rug!