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zakir ekici

in our company which works in thermal power plant in Turkey, last week program erased in the OP7 (Siemens) but we do not know how this failure
occurred. furthermore, I must load this program in it but I dont know how can I do this. we have PG740 and PG730. is it possible to load this
program into the OP7 via PG7*0 or otherwise which kind of thing to load this. thank you very much for your help.


Joshua Dalzell

From what I remember, you only need the correct configuration software (Siemens ProTool), a RS232/TTY or RS485/422 cable, and the code to be loaded. If you do not have a Siemens RS232/RS485 cable, it is possible to wire your own, but I do not remember the pinouts (wiring configuration). You will need to power off the OP7 and then power it on while pressing the three download keys (maybe ESC, Right Arrow, and Down Arrow). This should erase any configuration in it and signal a download. Open the correct project in ProTool and download it.

The software will need to be on a laptop unless the OP is near the machine (the PG should be fine for this).

That should work. I haven't used one of these in a couple of years, but that's what I remember doing.

More information can be found at www.sea.siemens.com under the Product Communities.

I hope this helps. Email me if you have any questions, and I will see what I can do.

Joshua Dalzell
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You need the Siemens Software called ProTool, a special serial cable to connect the PG7xx to the OP7and of course the program file which you have to download. For futher information contact me.
[email protected]

If you have OP7 sofware install it in PG7*0 and refer the OP7 software manual for the cable and connection needed and what comm. port is to be used .

Michael Griffin

You need the following items:

1) A copy of the Siemens Protool or Protool Light software. Protool Light is much cheaper than the complete Protool package, and is adequate for the text OPs (e.g. OP7). You need to make sure that the version of Protool (or Protool Light) is either the same as or newer than the one used to create the original OP program.
2) An RS-232 cable to connect your PC to the OP. There is a diagram of the port connection in the back of the manual. The regular passive S5
RS-232C/TTY programming cable will *not* work.
3) A copy of the original OP7 program you want to load in.
4) A copy of the OP7 manual. This has very clear instructions for downloading the program. You can get a copy of this for free in PDF format from the Siemens web site.

The above should be all you need. I have worked with quite a few OP7s and OP17s. Let me know if you need any more information.

Michael Griffin
London, Ont. Canada

Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All

If the OP is a type 2 and is plugged into L2DP, it an also be loaded over the Profibus which saves a great deal of time.