A problem about system equations of a linear feedback controller


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Hello there,

I am working on the dynamic model of a differential drive mobile robot, a wheelhchair actually.

But I don't know very much about control, for I am a student in computer science. I have some questions to understand till now. But it seems to be difficult to me. Could anyone gives me advice?

The problem is:

I use a paper as the reference and I am trying to implement the approach presented in the paper.

It is a control algorithm for path following, i.e. making the robot to following a path via its dynamic model.

I program with Matlab and connect one block with each other in simulink according to the control diagram provided in the paper. The diagram is uploaded.

But the linear feedback, the lower part, in the control diagram is unknown or is not presented in the paper.

Thus, I don't know what it is. I have written emails to the author, and have had some replies.

The author told me to read something about Pole Placement or LQR. He said that the linear feedback is quite simple. But I am really found difficult to that.

I have read the pole placement method and state feedback in a control theory book.

Then the problem comes that I don't know how I can establish the system equations like

dot(x) = Ax + Bu
y = Cx + Du

And I have nobody to ask. I will appreciate you for any help.