A serial software tool for receiving Profibus messages.


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A serial software tool for receiving Profibus messages.

You know the common serial debugging tool cannot distinguish the messages format.

Is there a serial software tool that can receive profibus messages according to its own messages format?

Any advices will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance/
I have always been very grateful to you for your advice.

"Serial software" means that it is a kind of software used on the serials. Moreover it can distinguish the messages format.

Thank you for your advice. I will try.


Gabriele Corrieri

Hello Arthur,

You cannot log profibus with a standard rs232 sniffing kit, because the bus is rs485, then the bus speed is variable from 9.6 kbps to 12mbps.

There's many solutions, the most simple (but not cheap) is buying an simatic profibus/mpi card such as CP5611 (beware: the PCMCIA CP5511/5512 aren't suitable for this solution) and a tiny software called Ampropolyzer from a third-party software house, but avaiable on Siemens automation and drives portal.

A tiny and not tested by me is a little gizmo from E+H called Profibus DPV1 Master.

Alternatives are avaiable from most partner of PNO ... check, but I think that an analyzer or something similar is very expensive: we install about 100-200 profibus node/year such as drives, block I/O, CPU and more: in more than 10 years of profibus istallation/start-up we have never need an analyzer: a good technician will discover and replace faulty node, do a new termination on wires etc etc without need a network analyzer.

Obviously if your target isn't network analysis, and is lab testing /
repairing / building profibus nodes is strongly recommended to buy a good instrumentation to do a good job.