A very low cost level transmitter


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I am in need of a low cost continuos level transmitter. Where can I get it? Or...if a DPT would be cheaper where can i get it. The tank would be approximately 1 meter in height...
It not so much the cost of the transducer for continuous - it’s the cost of the electronics to run or just read it. Almeg Controls has a new product that can be a new installation or directly replace most mechanical fuel senders. Several aftermarket gauges are available - but the unit can be configured to fit most. You would only need a 12VDC power source and either an automotive, truck or industrial fuel gauge. It has two wires coming out - simple. Not on the web page - but contact Almeg Controls from: http://www.almegcontrols.com Continuous voltage or 4-20 models are also available. Shipping is a week or less.

Curt Wuollet

There are some very low cost silicon diaphragm pressure transducers available. I've seen them in Newark's catalog. These have good linearity and repeatability. Most are voltage output.



Steve Myres, PE

Some of the ultrasonics are pretty cheap. Specifically I remember seeing the Cricket "Alphasonic" unit by Flowline on some projects I worked on which seemed like it was less than $200 with 4-20 output.