AB 1389 AC Servo Amplifier


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Jorge Delgado none

Hello List!

Does anybody know where I can get a technical manual for an Allen Bradley 1389 AC Servo amplifier? I have already tried my local Allen Bradley office, and they couldn't find one.

Thanks in advance

Jorge Delgado

Rich Anderson

If you are talking about "service" manuals when you say technical, then I don't think you will find any, and your local Allen Bradley dealer is correct. These are not published for the "general public"

If you mean technical information, then surf over to http://www.ab.com/manuals/ and search for 1389.

Rich Anderson
Automation Controls Programmer
Anamax Group
Are you sure there is such a model 1389? I know there is a 1398 model for permanent magnet commutated ac brushless servo that can also run ac
synchronous and induction.