AB 5/40E and Siemens S7-300 InterCommunications


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Hi List!
I have a situation where a Siemens S7 300 and a AB 5/40E are controlling 2 different processes in the same building. These two systems need to talk to each other, and I want to be able to monitor the interaction (flows) between the two systems at one simple display panel. The two systems already have their own control panels.
I am wide open to suggestions here. I would
love to hear what communication protocol,
(that's supported by both PLCs), and what type of panel with a bright, highly visible display would work best. The max distance between the 2 is 500 feet. Reliability is the big issue compared to cost.

I know you all have some great ideas for this. :)
So, ahead of time, Thank you Ever So Much!!!

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R A Peterson

perhaps an MMI that can talk separately to both systems. although not cheap its a solution that will work.
I'm pretty sure SST makes a profibus card for the PLC 5. You may be able to set this up as a slave to communicate to the S7, being the profibus master. Another option may be using ProSoft and Modbus?

Another option could be a display manufactured by and Allen Bradley Encompass partner which could talk DH+ to the PLC 5 and have an option slot for a Profibus interface card. I'm not a display like this exist though.

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Mike Milton, CCA

Put a Profibus card from SST in the AB, and then hang your favorite kind of HMI off of the Profibus. We have used the SST card many times.

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Trevor Ousey

We use two Cutler & Hammer Power series 3000 Panelmates along with Intouch on an AB PLC5/40 and Siemens S5-135. The Panelmates are able to run multiple drivers on the 1700 and up models, we use the DH+ module and the second serial port is RS422 using 3964R protocol. These units are extremely easy to use and IMHO leave Panelviews behind. The only problem is Cutler & Hammer
Australia are so slack with delivery and support.

Trevor Ousey
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