AB 6200 software trying to run it under windows 2000

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Steve Del Vecchio

Hi everyone,

I need to configured the notebook Dell D400 to communicate with a PLC5 via the 6200 PLC software.

The O.S. is windows 2000 sp4 and the application that I have is Virtual PC trying to emulate a DOS O.S. for the 6200 software.

One thing that I might tried for now is to install the 6200 in the dos emulator in order to make it communicate with a plc 5.

I know that you might think that I should use RSLogix 5 instead but they say that they need the 6200 sotware instead.

Thank you.
I have used 6200 software (PLC2) on a windows 2000 notebook (toshiba); it must run in DOS. What I did was hit F8 when the computer was booting and selected 'boot to DOS' from the list. I also loaded the PCMK cardware files.

Let me know if this is what you are looking for.

I have tried all possible combinations to configure 6200 software to operate under DOS 6.22 but I can not connect to PLC via PCMK card...

I had this great idea to make a programming tool out of an old laptop but it just don't work! Have anybody succeeded?