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Clifton Bass

I have a bunch of files with the extensions: ac$, af5, b0$, b1$, b2$, 1x$, pc$, log, d1$, xd$, x0$, and ttl which I believe were produced with AB 6200 software, which file will be the rung commented master program ? and can I read it using RS logix 5 software ?
You can import the descriptions.

Native Import

Choose APS option button
and click OK.

The important files are *.AF5, *.D1$, and *.P1$ (the PLC logic program itself) and *.AC$ (Rung Comment) files (though of course you'll want all the rest for cross-ref and so forth.)

RSLogix 5 can directly open 6200 series software files just with it's File
-> Open menu selection. Scroll down in the "File Types" to the *.AF5 file.

If you had a *.ACH file from version 4.1 or earlier of the software, it would need to be converted to an *.AF5 file before RSLogix 5 could open it. This utility is included with 6200.

There is an extensive list of the filename extensions on page 1-5 of the
6200 Software Programming Guide.

Two rules I recall from 6200 days is that any file extension ending in $ is
a documentation or cross-reference file, and any file extension beginning with $ is a temporary file that you can delete with impunity once the software is stopped.

Ken Roach
A-B Seattle