AB Contrologix Controller w/ Multiple ProSoft ProfiBus Modules


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The original design scheme for the I/O is based on a dual redundant ABB 800XA ProfiBus I/O configuration. The vendor is submitting an AB Rockwell Contrologix Controller with ProSoft ProfiBus Modules.

The lineup incorporates 24 Prosoft ProfiBus Modules connected to the controller. The 24 modules are paired (providing redundancy)for the 12 I/O (MOV, AIT, and FIT) segments. As a point of I/O reference, 8 MOVs, 8 FITs, and 6 AITs are connected on a segment.

Responses from vendor representatives lean negatively with the ability for the controller to communicate, differentiate, and select/deselect with the lineup of 24 cards set up as 12 redundant pairs.

Regardless of the consensus for 12 Supervisory/Subordinate pairs as inoperable in this configuration with the Contrologix Controller the questions needs to asked whether this can be accomplished and whether it has been accomplished.

If anyone has attempted this arrangement (even if it has been on a lesser scale) it would be good to hear some feedback.

Your consideration is greatly appreciated!
Arch21, what type (Cat no) of prosoft module we are talking about? Can you please share with us the system architecture diagram so we can suggests you correctly.