AB DF1 Protocol


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Rodney Stevens

Dear all I have been tasked with developing a PC/QNX based instrument that has to communucate with an Allen Bradley control system using a serial link running DF1 protocol. Has any one got any 'C' source code (does not have to be QNX compatible) for running a slave device using DF1. Or any one have any pointers to a resource for such a project. Rodney Stevens Email: [email protected] Work Phone: 61 2 97106701 Work Fax: 61 2 97106789 Email: [email protected] Elan SS s/e 45/7616 http://sites.netscape.net/rodjohnstevens/homepage
How did it go? I have to do the same type of programming with a thermiflex hand held OMI and a CNC. Any pointers? I am getting the references in the replies to this message. Steve