AB DH+ communication with iFix or WinCC


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O. Wakil

I have to connect 3 microLogix stations (each one equipped with DHRIO interface module for DH+) to a PC for HMI.

In the PC I need the following:
- 1784-KT from AB for DH+ interface
- iFix or WinCC with DH+ driver

Do I need to get something (S/W or H/W) else?

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The DHRIO module only works in ControlLogix racks, so I'm guessing that's what you have.

Given that, you have covered the basic requirements. From any modern Windows-based HMI software, you need a comms driver (such as RSLinx Professional) that can talk through a DH+ interface card (such as a 1784-KT, or more likely, a 1784-KTX or 1784-PKTX) to the DH+ network that connects you to the DHRIO modules and the ControlLogix systems. There are software and hardware products from third-party vendors that can work as well.

All that said, this is not an optimal way to connect ControlLogix systems to an HMI. Ethernet is easier and allows you to use native tags. If you have not purchased the DHRIO modules, consider installing 1756-ENBT modules
instead and using RSLinx through Ethernet to achieve a much higher level of performance.

Hope this helps!

Larry Lawver
Rexel / Central Florida
I'm confused, is it MicroLogix or ControlLogix?

Assuming it is ControlLogix, you could use RSLinx or any other OPC 2.0 compliant OPC server that supports the communication card you have purchased for your PC.

There is one very important point you should be aware of if you are using ControlLogix with DH+ communication. You CAN NOT use the native tags in the controller. You will have to use emulated communication to the ControlLogix so that it will look like an SLC or PLC5 controller to the OPC server. This is not that big a deal unless you are using alot of DINT, BOOL and UDT datatypes. If you have a lot of these datatypes you will be VERY unhappy.

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I am not sure about iFix but I know that for WinCC you will have to purchase the AB suite of drivers. If this is too pricey then you may want to consider purchasing an OPC Server from someone like Software Toolbox and configuring WinCC as the OPC Client.

Tull, Leith \(Rockwell at Alcoa\)

What DH+/RIO interface module are you using with the MicoLogix units, Also are they MicroLogix 1000?

Leith Tull

GTS Field Service Engineer
Rockwell Automation Australia Ltd.

Juan De los Santos

Hey Larry, You need to read a little bit more the manuals you have at your office, because there is something else besides Controllogix on the world.

IMHO this guy is trying to connect some SLC 5/04 or a PLC 5 to the PC.

He needs to check at the Intellution site in order to see what other piece of software he needs to make this connection work.


Hey, Juan!

A tech support tip: Try to answer the client's question, not fantasize about it.

Until we hear from O. again, I'll stick with my answer, since nothing in his query mentioned SLC500s or PLC-5s.

Hope this helps!

Larry Lawver Rexel / Central Florida