AB EtherNet IP protocol interface with Aveva plant scada

We have nearly more than 3 AB PLC ,all three PLC have same alarm Tags which need to be interfaced with single Aveva plant scada server, since EtherNet IP is a Tag based protocol, Icouldn't use the same tag to get the alarm state of 3 PLC's, is there any way to get the alarm values or changing the tag name to unique name is the only way .

TIA , kindly let me know you views on this
I think there may be some confusion on the EtherNet/IP protocol here. It is perfectly fine for multiple EtherNet/IP devices to use the same local tag for data (otherwise you could never have two of the same product on one EtherNet/IP network). But, of course, you would need to store the data from each PLC into a different tag in the Aveva plant scada server.

At a high-level, there are two types of EtherNet/IP communication messages - Class 1 I/O (Implicit Messaging) and Class 3 Explicit Messaging. The former is a stream of bytes both in and out (referred to as produced and consumed data), while the latter is request/response and supports a variety of services, some of which allow access to data by tag name.

Therefore, based on your tag comment, I'm assuming you're trying to use Class 3 Explicit Messaging. Your Aveva plant scada server should be configured as an EtherNet/IP Client to read data from the AB PLC's, each configured as an EtherNet/IP Server. Your Aveva plant scada server should initiate a read request, targeted at each of the AB PLC's individual IP addresses, to read the tag. The tag used in all the AB PLC's is the same (which is not a problem, since you are uniquely targeting each PLC by IP address).