AB KT to KTX card upgrade - DOS


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Jeff Groves

I am trying to upgrade an AB KT card to a KTX on a DOS machine (ISA bus). The computer is running a custom software application written in the early 1990s (I know, upgrade the software - tell it to management!). The software communicates to a PLC5/80 via the KT card. If I just put the KTX in the PC the software will not recognize it, as the drivers on the hard drive are for the KT.

I have the KTX utilities disk that has all the drivers on it, I think all that needs to be done is copy some binaries over to the hard drive and all will be well. I just can't figure out which files to copy.

Anyone ever done this? I could use some help.


Robert Scott

It is likely that the application will have to be relinked at the least to reference the KTX board. Do you have the source code for the application and the capability to rebuild it?

Robert Scott
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DOS based package would not recognise KTX
card PCI slot.

We have similar application where as MMI package
recognise only ISA driver . This is for WINDOWS
If any one have sucessfully implemented this
type KT-->KTX using the old driver MMI package.

We can not work on OPC concept

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