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amora fibrianto

dear list, I'm a new beginner on Allen Bradley power management system. Our client required a standby generator set control complete with line synchronization module. There will be three standby generator that has to linked to company utility bus. 1. Can I place three LSM Module to one chassiss PLC5. I don't want a separate control for each generator. 2. How reliable it is if i compare it with other's line synchronization system, such as woodward 2310 and SPM-A ? 3. Do I still need a generator management relay, such as GE-Multilin SR489 ? What i have in mind is the PLC it self can replace the generator management relay functionality. am i correct ? 4. the utility bus it self is powered from state owned electrical company. Can I have a bumpless power transfer from state owned electrical company to our standby generator ? How long a transfer will take over ? 5. What other consideration must i have ? I'm not very familiar with power system, I'm an instrument and PLC engineer. any comment and help will be very appreciated. Regards Amora Fibrianto

Larry Lawver

Amora--- The LSM can do everything you describe. The documentation can tell you that. You are approaching this from a dangerously wrong direction. You should be evaluating the LSM in terms of how it can accomplish goals you want. Instead, you are asking what you can do with the PLC-5 and LSM. The answer is infinite--- you can do anything with this bill of material. Take the criteria from the job and from that determine if this is the right stuff. Please contact your local A-B PLC Distributor Specialist before moving foreward. Hope this helps.... Larry Lawver Rexel / Central Florida
Which other company provides power control modules comparable to AB LSM module or can be used at replace exisiting AB LSM modules.