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paul yeo

hi all list members , can some one tell me does the AB micro logix 1000 and 1500 having the same driver ? my technical manual told me Hakko touch screen can link to aB micro logix 1000 , but it does mentioned it can link to AB micro logix 1500. appreciate some of you can let me know. regards, paul yeo

Scott Henderson

From working with both systems they do share the same device drivers i.e. DH485 and DF1
> From working with both systems they do share the same device drivers i.e. DH485 and DF1 > Be carefule with this though anddo you homework. THe MicroLogix 1000 toggles between DF1 Full duplrex and DH4585 on default. The MicroLogix 1500 is fixed at DF1 full duplex but can be configured for DH485 in the channel configuration. If the 3rd party device communicates DF1 full duplex you are all set to go. If it communicates VIA DH485 you will need to make this change to the channel configuration.

Larry Lawver

Paul--- The ML1000 and ML1500 both support DF1 and DH485 protocols. Hope this helps! Larry Lawver Rexel / Central Florida
The MicroLogix 1000, 1200, and 1500 all by default communicate using the same DF1 full duplex protocol and command set that the SLC family does, so a 3rd party operator interface that can connect to a 1000 can also connect to a 1200 or a 1500. The 1200 and 1500 have some more advanced features, both in communication (they have some ASCII instructions) and in data table structures (the Function Files) but do support all the same data types as the 1000. Your operator interface can probably not access the advanced function file elements directly. In short, yes your touch screen should work with the MicroLogix 1500 just as well as the 1000. Me, I'm a PanelView man (the 300 Micro is so cool ! ), but that comes with the job. Ken Roach A-B Seattle [email protected]