AB Micro850 Modbus TCP programming


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Ronny R.

Anyone able to point me to the correct information. Rockwell is not really any use except for "page 207 of manual: 2080-rm001_-en-e.pdf" They have a real simple Controllogix example but this processor (Micro850) is not the same as a 1769-L23. Parker SSD also is not much help as there example of Modbus TCP covers only two pages.
http://www.parker.com/literature/SSD Drives Division North America/Manuals/HA468030.pdf

I have been at this for about a week and not getting no where fast. I have done Modbus serial in the past to Eurotherm Temperature Controllers but I have never done Modbus TCP.

I also believe that Parker is not really interested in this as this is for an older drive series.(690+)