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Ron Gage

Hi folks.

First of all, thanks for the warm response for my project. Your comments are really appreciated. This thing is only my second C programming project - being self taught.

I know there are a few of you out there that have NDA's with Allen Bradley regarding the Ethernet Protocol for the PLC5's and what not. Now, I realize that none of you can reveal the actual layout/structure of the header, but can any of you freely answer some questions about a couple of the bytes in the header (without revealing the actual functionality/structure). Specifically,
if you look at my code (i.e. getstatus.c), you will see the 4 bytes I refer to as 'header.b5' through 'header.b8'. Just how critical are the values of these bytes. I have noticed with my packet sniffer that these bytes periodically
change, especially when uploading from a PLC. Without violating your NDA's, can anyone give me any hints on what these specific bytes are doing?


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