AB or Siemens Equivalent Safety Product as Sick's Flexi-Loop


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I am currently researching on a flexible, modular and reliable safety system for a 16 door automation cell.

On this cell, there are 16 guard door switches and 2 E-Stops. Looking at Sick's Flexi-Loop system, it is able to cascade these 16 doors in series on one flexi-loop, and the two E-stops are on another flexi-loop. The flexi-loops are connected to one I/O module and can give a safe/unsafe feedback to the safety controller. It is also able to give feedback to each switch's status. Modification to the cell is very simple since each of the flexiloop's node can be plugged/unplugged without rewiring, and it requires minimal coding changes.

Is there any Allen Bradley or Siemens Safety products that are able to provide similar or even more modular safety solutions than the Sick Flexi-Loop?