AB Panel View 1000 Lan Cable Length Limitation


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Sony philip

Dear Sir,

We have one AB Compact Logix Processor, and one tOUCH Screen panel View 1000 Plus, as the system is working fine.

As we have Hub between the processor and the HMI Panel View with the UTP Cable Length 2 meters only.

As we like to install one more touch screen in the ground floor, which is away from the hum from the distance is 50 meters.

When i use 2 meters straight utp cable, i am communicating well with the both the HMI's, and when i am using 50 meters cable the new HMI is not communicating. We checked the cables well, and not fixed the problem.

Please advise us AB PAnel View Plus 1000 have any limitation on the LAN Network Cable or not. If i am right it should comminicate well less than 90 meters as we are using UTP Cable.

Please suggest me the possible solution.

It would be grate forum memebers comment on this problem.

Sony Philip
The Ethernet port on the AB PanelView Plus 1000 is no different than any other 10/100 Ethernet port. There is no reason why at a distance of less than 100m it won't work.

Therefore, here's a few things to check.

Have you been able to communicate to the PanelView before? (Maybe with a laptop and a crossover cable?)

Is the PanelView configured correctly? Do you have an IP configured? Do you have a subnet mask?

Is the distance of your cable really 50m or is that the straight line distance between the hub and the PanelView? Is the Ethernet cable near any other cables, like high voltage wiring? Try STP and see if that helps.

Did you check the port on the hub? Maybe move the panelview's cable to a different port. Are you really using a hub, or are you using a switch? If you are using a hub, (I highly recommend you throw it out and buy a switch, but that's another matter) you should make sure you are not using the uplink port.

Try to isolate each component, and make sure each one works.

Good luck!
Dear Mr. Dave,

Thanks for your e mail and information.

1. I can be able to communicate with the Panel view before by using the cross cable and Laptop.

2. The Subnet mask and IP address are set correctly, in that there is no doubt.

3. This i was suspected, and run the ethernet cable separately with the cable tray.

4. I am using the HUB, and tried for different ports, and i am sure i am not using uplink port.

5. The mystery is, and what i was not understand was, when i am using one more hub near to the third HMI, as it is working fine. My question is UTP cable support up to 100 meter length, and my cable length is less than 49 meters only, why it is not communicating without one more hub?

These are my observations, please advise me further.

Sony Philip

José Gregorio Cavazos C.

I don’t think it is a cable length problem, try moving the working well PV to the other position and test it, if it works cables are OK, if it doesn't? it’s a cable problem, could be the connectors, interference, etc.

I think it should be a configuration problem.

Gregorio Cavazos

calvin smith

Have you check the cable with a network tester.
The cable could be kinked, or you might have a bad connection at one of the ends.
Dear Sir,

I cut the cable length to 2 meters, and installed th display in other location wgich is very close to the panel, HMI is working fine.

But in want HMI to be away from this location for operator's convinient.
Sony Philip

Tomy Zacharia

I hope you have stuck to the wiring rule, "only use colors that don't have a 'b'". Thus on pin nos 1,3,5 & 6 use only orange and green pairs. Only these two pairs will allow communications at 100 MHZ.

Tomy Zacharia.
Dear Sir, Dear Mr. Tomy Zacharia,

Exactly, and i fixed my problem sir. Thank you very much for your online help, and control.com.

sony philip

Richard Reimer

Hello Tomy,

I was having terrible problems with my own home-made Ethernet Cables and after reading your "post" here on MODBUS.COM, YOU solved allllllllllllllllll my problems. I thought it was a ridiculous sounding solution. I've got 30 years experiance installing Avionics on Aircraft and a wire-is-a-wire-is-a-wire, but not in the computer world. I was using my "own color configurations" (Easier to remember) with my Ethernet Cables and they weren't working. I read your post and stuck to the strick color code rules and WAM-O!!!! Everything works just fine!

Now my question is; do you know why?

Thank You so much for your knowledge! YOU'RE THE MAN!!!!!

Richard Reimer
These are controlled impedance transmission lines,
Twisted pairs make a transmission line. Random picks don't.