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Pires, Claudio

Extending a DH+ node connection, from a PanelView terminal, can I make some connector in order to use a laptop computer, with a PCMK card, on
this DH+ network, without directly connecting on the SLC's CPU ?!? As my PLC's stand on another floor of the plant, today I use my PCMK laptop card connecting to a SLC rack, with only its CPU, having the DH+ signal from a PanelView and functioning as a network gateway; but could I get rid of this PLC rack, connecting the laptop directly on the DH+ ? Is there any pin configuration that I could use? Will it work?


Claudio R C Pires
Automation Engineer

Trevor Ousey

The PCMK card is a node on dh+, if the SLC does nothing then you could make a connection straight onto dh+. I use the PCMK cable with a db9 connector, and have installed db9 points on most
networks. From memory, one of the PLC5 manuals has all the connection diagrams in the appendix, go to the Rockwell website and view the online manuals, they are excellent.


John Paley--Graphic Pkg Corp

If the pcmk has a DH+ interface cable with a 9-pin d connector, you can. clear on pin 1, blue on pin 5, shld on pin 7. I made one for my PKTX card and it works.
Go to the a-b website and search doc id 9399-hdwareref-jan00. It's a pdf document with a lot of cables in it with pinouts.

Calvin McGowan

I made an adaptor using a female 9-pin connector, a short piece of cable (about 6" long), and 3 "hook-on test probes" (purchased from Radio Shack). When I want to connect to the DH+ link at a location that does not have a connection available, I just "hook" my adaptor to the wires in the 3-terminal connector that most device use for DH+ ports. I don't worry about interferring with the line's impedence because this type of connection is electrically the same as that found on Channel 1A of a PLC-5 processor between the 3-terminal and round DIN connectors. I do recommend keeping the adaptor's cable as short as possible