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Billy FG

I would like to know much about Allen-Bradley Pico Controller. Does anybody use this controller? How about its performance? What kind of instructions can be performed by this controller? Any information supplied will be useful. Thank you very much.......

Rick Sterling

I have two of them in service, as far as programable relays go they are great. The model we are using has 2 analog inputs with several
compare functions. Timers, Counters, Off-line programming I'm not sure what else you would need to know. Ours have been in service for nearly 10 months without a failure!!
I hear they have a version with a built-in real-time clock as well. That can come in handy for many aplications.
For some additional sales/technical information, go to www.ab.com/pico and check out the site. We are looking at using these in some
panels, but have no actual practical experience with them yet.
Whilst you are on the AB site download V3.0 of the software for Free !!. It actually works
in a great similation mode with switches/ lights / and histogram. You can develope the
entire program and test it before buying the hardware.


Pierre Bedard

We used this pico Controller recently. My advise to you is to go with a Micro PLC. There is not a big difference in the price but a lot a
difference in the flexibility (I/O, timer, internal coils ...) , particularly if you program with a grafcet.

One possible supplementary cost for you is possible if you have to buy the Micro Controller software (wich is the same as the SLC controller).
The pico software is free.

Hope this help.


Alan Rimmington

I believe the unit is a rebadged Klockner Moeller unit, they have been on the market a good few years. The fact you can use the display as a simple operator interface is useful for fault messages etc

Don McCallum

I have one Pico Controller. I like it. I have 2 Moeller Easy relays. I was told that Moeller makes the Pico for AB. They work the same, but I was able to get the Easy 25% cheaper.