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I have to connect a Panel view 550 to a plc 5000
and the panel view will not take the tag format
used in the 5000 as an address. I think!!!!! I have to use what are called I Tags and D Tags but I cant find the right info. I have
looked at ab.com but could not find anything. I am hoping that some body out there has some tech notes on this, any help will be great.
The PanelView programming software Help will
tell you how to address the 5000.
If you are using unscheduled addressing then
only DINTs can used for bits. INTs are used for
intergers and real for real. You use the tag names. If you are using scheduled addressing ie
ControlNet then under Help look at scheduled. You can only use integers for boolean and integers.
Help will show you how to address the data.

Larry Lawver

There are lots of articles and examples about this in the Knowledgebase at

That's in the link you get under Product Support at www.ab.com.

If you'll post a few more details, I'll try to give you some specific suggestions. Let us know the following:

What is the catalog number of the PanelView 550? (determines tag format/comms)

How are you connecting the PanelView to the ControlLogix system?

Which release version of the ControlLogix system are you using?

Larry Lawver
Rexel / Central Florida
In the Rockwell Knowledgebase see G18236. This document will give sw versions and how to do PLC5 emulation.

Trevor Ousey

If its connected via DH+ or serial, ues map SLC/PLC message with an integer array, then use standard plc5/slc5 addressing to that array. With
the existing tags, try alias'ing them to the integer array. If its rio there is info on the rockwell knowledgebase.

Trevor Ousey
Thanks for the tech note number it was just what
I needed. Thanks for taking the time out to help,
maybe some day I can do the same for you.

Donnchadh K.
Thanks For the help but I got it working. I found
help on rockwell site. Thanks again for taking time out to help me and to everyone that gave advice, maybe I will be able to do same for you some time.

Donnchadh K.