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Anthony Kerstens

Does anyone know how to get the RIO scan time out of a 1747-SN series B RIO scanner. I've looked at M and G files, but I can't see it. Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.

Michel A. Levesque, eng.

Unfortunately you can't get the RIO scan time, but you CAN get the pseudo-BT times. You must set up a timer and use the M0 enable bit to start the timer and use the M1 done bit to stop the timer for your particular BT (be it read or write). This is as close as I got to getting actual scan times. You could also guesstimate using the old rule of thumb methods outlined in the PLC-5 manuals. RIO is still RIO be it on a PLC or SLC.
Anthony, You are correct that the 1747-SN does not compute and report its scan time. I can do that with a DNet scanner, but not with a regular RIO scanner. The best way to get the scantime of a 1747-SN is to use the calculation tables in Appendix A of Publication 1747-6.6. You'll find that it takes about 3.5 ms per rack at 230.4 kb with nothing else going on. There are separate estimates when you are using block transfers. Good luck, Ken Roach A-B Seattle