AB SLC5/04 16 K Firmware Upgrade


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amora fibrianto

Deal All, Following my project on AB SLC Backup system. I need to do a Block Transfer with NI8 at remote chasis (with ASB module). What i got from my local distributor is 1. SLC5/04 16K : OS401 FRN 7 Series B 2. BSN Series A 3. ASB Series A, FRN 1.2 ,FAC 1P 3. NI8 Series A ,FRN 1.0 4. RSLogix500 4.50 I've already gone to AB knowledge base site and see that i got to have SLC5/04 OS401 Firmware 3 Series C. Doc ID 11912 and downloaded the example program. The BSN Module has been tested and work properly. But when i try to place an analog module to the remote slot and do a block transfer. The module comeback with error code (-9), BTR timeout. I don't know what i've done wrong, could somebody help me. Or does BSN and RIO scanner work in the same manner ?? Do I need to upgrade my PLC firmware ? How to do it. I don't like extra cost for this, since in my humble opinion it's rockwell possibility to provide the latest firmware for their PLC in the market. Am I wrong ?? or rockwell sell different PLC with different firmware ?? since i don't see it in my catalog. Please........:() I got to run my PLC within 2 weeks and i just got mine yesterday. Any help will be accepted. But, sorry guys no extra cost as i describe above. :)) Regards Amora Fibrianto Engineering Dept. Somit Automation
Hi there, I was involved with functionality testing of the BSN module about 1.5 years ago. I had tested it against a 5/03-04-05. I did run into trouble with old 5/03 firmware, needed "C", if I recall correctly. My job was to test it against a SN scanner. It was almost a perfect replacement but for a few oddities which should not create a problem for anybody using it. Notes should be in AB's Knowledge Base. And last I heard Firmware Up dates for SLC line should be on the shelf of your locale AB supplier. I am thinking they still charge for it. If they still charge for updates return it and request one with current firmware unless you already broke the seal of the box (oops). Check with AB for current firmware revisions before you purchase. That way you will be assured of having the latest functionality (and bugs). Regards Joseph D. Cadillac, Mi