AB SLC500 comms using 1747-KE


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I am executing a project where I need to communicate with a remote Micrologix 1200 processor using Dial-up modems. At the dialing end, I need to connect the modem to 1747-KE module in a SLC500 chassis with SLC5/03 processor.

Can anybody advise me how I can issue command to the serial port of the KE module? What should be the Channel no. in the AWA instruction to send the dialing string?

Hoping for a quick response.

Jerry Miille

As far as I know, you cannot send ASCII strings thru the KE like you can do with Channel 0. If you are only going to dial a single number, then just set up the Modem Initialization string to include the ATDTphonenumber. If you need to dial several numbers, you are in for quite a lot more work but it can be done. I have an application note that I can send you describing how to do this and noting the limitations. You can contact me directly if you like.

Jerry Miille
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